Monday, July 27, 2009

Team Meeting

There is a mandatory team meeting August 3rd after team camp. If you are unable to attend please notify Kelly as soon as possible. Any music requests to add to the site?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coach Sean Notes (May 24, 2009)

Hi everyone,

what an exciting end to the season, two good performances extending our unbeaten finish to the season to six games which was a season long.

The players fought hard all year and did really well in meeting all of the challenges put forward to them. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for a very good and enjoyable season which brought us alot of joy. Two second place tournament finishes a round robin win and a round robin second place. Add to that the huge developments that the team made and it was great.

Thanks to the parents who make all of this possible and thanks to the sponsors of our team. I want to also thank my coaches who during the season have helped the playyers get better. I think what we developed during practice was an environment for optimum develpoment and lots of fun. We really did have fun out there.

I want to thank Kelly Blaine for all of her hard work in working closely with me to again make it all possible.

Weve already looking towards next season and developing our team even more, I'm excited.

Thanks for your support and i will see you tuesday.

Coach Sean

Danger win Round Robin in Exciting Season Finale

By Kristen Mitchell

Paris Danger travelled to Bee Creek Soccer Park for their season finale this past Saturday, a round Robin event against old foe’s MC Elite and MC Extreme.

In the opening game, MC Elite hosted Paris Danger who donned those tornado socks once again. It was MC Elite who started the brightest with Reagan Pettinger getting much of the ball down the Danger left. However it was Kara Grace Brogdon who broke the deadlock directing a Sophie Carter corner kick into the net. As the half wore on the Danger dressed in red shirts worked the MC Elite keeper on numerous occasions, including a 25 yard screamer from Gracie Clayton which brought a terrific save. From a wide cross MC Elite then leveled the game as the striker poked home a rare MC Elite shot. This spurred on the Danger who benefitted from a mazy run and equally terrific finish from Sophie Carter. The score at half time read 2-1. The second half was largely dominated by the Danger and Kara Grace Brogden scored her 8th goal of the season making it a 3-1 advantage to the visitors. In the final minutes MC Elite got a goal back halfing the final score which read 3-2, the win was the 9th of the season for the Danger and was met with great applause and appreciation from the dedicated supporters.

In the second game a white shirted Danger got off to the best possible start with Sophie Carter firing in a superb solo goal. However a lapse in concentration let Extreme level the score with a back post effort. However Sophie Carter scored a trademark goal to give the lead back to the Danger, the goal was her 16th of the spring season. Again an equalizer from Extreme just after half time allowed the Danger to pick up the tie also resulting in the Danger finishing the season unbeaten in six games.

The final game of the Day was between MC Elite and MC Extreme, Coach Sean got word that MC Elite won the game with Reagan Pettinger scoring a brace. That result meant the Danger won the round robin.

Coach Sean Fraser commented afterwards ‘I have asked a lot of my players all season and the players times ahead’

The Danger improves to 9-6-4 on the season and will have their end of season party at Memorial Park on Tuesday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coach Sean Notes (May 17, 2009)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you four your support and noise this weekend, the games were fantastic and the noise you made really spurred our girls on to be succesful, not just for u10 but those of you who stayed to watch the u12's and scream for them. OUTSTANDING!!! I told the players i was proud of them but also proud of the parents for everything you guys do! THANK YOU!

This weekend was a very special weekend for me! I was particularly proud of my team who put on a display of team work and togetherness! The hustle from each and every player was simply breathtaking. I dont know if you noticed but they had that look in their faces all weekend, the look of readiness and hunger! Do you think last weekend at Hopkinsville was good for us? in a way!!!!

I knew the girls were ready, they were flying around in practice this week even against me! when i joined in i was just collecting bruises and bumps! it was great! They really pushed themselves to work out the rough edges and get better at what they needed too!

I'm excited for the future of the team and our girls! Their consistent success is just going to get better! It really is, and i look forward to bringing that out of them in the coming seasons! I had one or two college coaches talk to me about the players, one in particular commenting on how organised they were individually and how they all knew what they had to do to input for team success. It made me feel good, and again proud to be their coach!

i dont know if youve noticed but the one thing that has inspired us is our work on saturdays and getting a good start in tournaments, in the four tournaments weve had we have won both saturday games on three seperate occasions! (Mayfield, Calvert City and Clarksville) Fantastic isnt it!

We look forward to this week and implementing what i want from them this summer and working on their own to get better! using the time off to improve! We will also look to get revenge on MC Elite for beating us in Paris at the round robin. It should be an enjoyable week, have as much fun with it as i do!

thanks for your support!

See you tuesday

Coach Sean

Danger place second in Clarksville

By Kristen Mitchell

The 99 Lady Danger of Paris, Tennessee travelled to Clarksville for their final tournament of the spring 09 season. Coming off a disappointing tournament the previous week the Danger girls were determined to do better this weekend, they used great team work and hustle and showed huge character to play some of the best soccer they have ever produced.

In the opening game of the tournament 99 Lady Rapids provided the opposition and used their early possession to great advantage firing an unstoppable shot into the bottom corner of the Danger goal. Half time came and the score stood at 1-0 rapids. In the second half the Danger piled on the pressure lead by the driven play of Sophie Carter and Erika Blaine amongst others. It was no surprise when Sophie Carter scored a trademark goal breezing past 3 defenders and firing a low shot across goal and into the corner leveling the game. Coach Sean Fraser threw caution to the wind putting on an attacking line up and Kara Grace Brogdon rewarded him with a beautiful solo goal with help from Gracie Clayton, During the game Chynna Haas kept her team in the game with save after save. The Danger ran out 2-1 winners.

In the second game of the tournament against Tullahoma Lester the Danger looked a lot more comfortable and took a lead midway through the second period as Kara Grace Brogdon scored a low shot. Valiant defending from Giovanna Owen, Rudi Wimberlay and Kaylynn Jarnigan coupled with an outstanding Chynna Haas display kept the Tullahoma strikers at bay until a free kick that shouldn’t have been was converted into the net by the Tullahoma striker. The Danger again threw caution to the wind going for the win and Sophie Carter smashed home a bobbling ball from 7 yards sending the Danger followers into raptures. Again outstanding defending allowed the Danger to see the game out as 2-1 winners.

Sunday morning came and the points system had Kaos 1 point ahead of Danger before their meeting effectively making it a ‘championship game’. The game was very exciting from start to finish but exceptional defending and goalkeeping on both sides fashioned a final result of 0-0. A terrific effort from the Lady Danger meant they picked up second place and an ovation from their following dressed in a sea of red!

Coach Sean Fraser commented ‘We stayed unbeaten and matched the best team around (Kaos), what more can I ask for? My team displayed outstanding teamwork and togetherness whileshowing terrific character to bounce back from last weekends disappointments. Great job to all’

The teams season record now improves to 8-6-3 and they will close the season with scrimmage action in Murray against MC Elite next Saturday.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Coach Sean Notes (May 10, 2009)

Happy Mother's day to all

Thanks for your support this weekend i have had many kids messages and comments from people regarding our little team. It really is much appreciated, especially during weekends like this one we just had.

Obviously the results we got were not as expected, I apologize sincerely and i will assure you that i will have the team better prepared and in the correct mindset for next week. Not that they wernt this weekend, i think we just didnt get the rub of the green that you sometimes need. The fields again were of poor standard, im sure if it had been dry they would have been solid enough to play good soccer, they were muddy and just soft, which makes it hard for the kids. We rely on our speed and our actual soccer play. Not many teams can pass and run with the ball like us, but the field conditions slow down our legs and make dribbling with the ball a task!

I'm very sure our girls will come back stronger next week. I'm proud of them, they showed great team spirit in sticking together especially when the results werent going for us. Many of them showed how much passion and enthusiasm they had when they came of after the second game. I was proud of my girls! It almost made me tear up for them.

We have two weeks of our season left, where has it all gone? its been exciting so far and i'm sure theres going to be more excitement, stick with us. I'm hoping and praying for some flat, solid fields and some decent weather next week! Finally we may get some!

Looking into the flaws of our weekend, there arent many, we only conceeded four goals. Not bad really, i felt we could have stopped one or two, we had plenty of opportunities but for whatever reason didnt convert enough. On another weekend we could have had 10 goals to show for it. Put it this way, it would be alarming if we werent creating chances, but we are, and i'm counting down the days until we really put a beat down on someone! were threatening to do that!

I look forward to an exciting week of practice, a great challenge for me as a coach. These are the weeks we find out how good our coaches are, its going to be a test for me and my staff to pick up the girls and get them firing again! get them smiling and bring back that enthusiasm! I know its hard to loose! especially at their age. But were up for the challenge and excited to see how its going to pan out!

I look forward to seeing you all this week! Again thans for your continued support! it has been a great pleasure of mine to get to know you guys so far this year!

Coach Sean

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coach Sean Notes (May 3, 2009)

Hi everyone,

Im sure you will agree in saying that our girls did us proud this weekend, the effort on display was second to none, the was our girls played physical and aggressive soccer all over the field was a joy to watch. While The sheer team spirit on show was outstanding.

This weekend i feel was a tale of two halves, Breaking it down into halves (3 games, 2 halves per game = 6 halves) The first three halves were about mistake free, we were stingy on defense and very exciting going forward. Yet the final three halves were a little less 'intense'. Again though its a great oportunity for us to learn, and get through. We did great this weekend and to highlight the passion our girls had shwed in their expressions after that last game. I told them i was proud of them but we have to use this dissapointment as amunition in a way that we can win next weekend. We simply cannot afford to dwell on it with us having games next week and thats a great thing as it helps us (hopefully) forget this upset.

I will be doing my upmost to push the girls on to get better in the two sessions we have before going to Hopkinsville, we will play teams much the same as this weekend. Please do your best to help our girls get pumped and ready to go for practice and then the games. We have 3 weeks left of our season, all with games. I mentioned to some of you that it was going to be very exciting and i still stand by that.

I know its early to ask and as parents you all do a great job but please, make plenty of noise on the sidelines next weekend, make the atmosphere a one the girls will remember, lets make it a 'european style soccer setting' i can assure you, our girls love it and it does help i promise.

Have a great week and enjoy watching them practice like never before,

best wishes

Coach Sean

Sunday Curse Strikes again!!! and so does the weather!!!

By Kristen Mitchell

After an exciting first two games, the Paris Danger u10 girls could not win a tournament that they will most likely think they should have. However the excitement provided and determination displayed contributed to some of the best soccer the team has ever played.
As usual the weather had its say In things with torrential downpours for the previous 48 hours making a very wet and muddy field.

In the opening game at 8am, the Danger showed their quality early and raced to a 2-0 lead, Sophie Carter and Erika Blaine scoring two superb goals. Team work and hustle managed to keep the Lady Ambush at bay and the girls helped Chynna Hass pick up the shut out with a 2-0 win with the lady Ambush only posting 4 shots.

After grilling out for lunch the Danger girls faced MC Extreme in the late afternoon game. They got off to a great start as Sophie Carter repaid her parents for the cotton candy with two brilliantly finished goals. Erika Blaine, and Gracie Clayton went close to adding to the tally until they let a goal slip. Midway through the second period Sophie Carter picked up her hat trick with another breakaway goal. Giovanna Owen, Rudi Beth Wimberly and Kaylynn Jarnigan kept the MC Extreme forwards at bay until they made it an interesting finish to the game with a goal that halved the defecit. The Danger girls saw the remaining minutes out and picked up their second win in consecutive games. Extreme posted 10 shots at goal while the Danger replied with 7.

In the Sunday morning game against Clarksville Royals, the bad weather overnight contributed to an even worse playing surface, The Danger got a slow start with the Royals opening the scoring. As the game went on the Danger lost confidence and concentration and let 3 goals slip which ended the game 4-0 to the delight of the Royals who advanced to the final, while tears of disappointment were to be seen on many Danger soccer player faces.

After the games, Danger Coach Sean Fraser commented, ‘we just let the last game slip away from us, but I am positive our girls are going to react positively and use this as ammo for next weekend.’

The Danger now sit at 6-4-1 and travel to Hopkinsville for the Kicker Classic on Saturday and Sunday and will face Ambush, MC Extreme and Clarksville Impact.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Coach Sean Notes (April 25, 2009)

Hi Danger fans

a very different week past for us as tuesday we took team and individual pictures, we didnt have the time to get a practice in, and i felt like giving the players a midseason rest was a luxury we could afford, at this time of the year the temperature is rising and the kids will begin to expend more energy, maybe the light week will help us!

Thursday we had somewhat of a session with the u12, our girls got a chance to get better by playing against older players, it went well for the team as alot of players managed to get some good work in! i cut practice short because i felt like there may have been a few too many injuries (potentially)

This week we will have a normal schedule before going to calvert city and the Kentucky Lake Invitational, if the girls play like we know they can there isnt many teams in our area that can live with us! i will be doing my upmost to bring that this weekend! As we know it is 6v6 and with 12 players that can ultimatley cause selection problems, and headaches for people who maybe would start, less playing time is available and its up to the players to work hard on tuesday and thursday to earn their time, and earn their spot! Im hoping no one gets too dissapointed if they do not get sufficient time, please bear with me it is tough.

Off the field you guys have again pulled together to raise a great deal of money for the team! i really appreciate what your doing, it all helps, we have a great club here and a very 'together' atmosphere, again thank you all.

enjoy the rest of your weekend and lets go to Calvert City full off confidence and looking to bring back a trophy!

Coach Sean

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coach Sean Notes (April 18, 2009)

Hi Danger fans

another great week of practice this week has built on our recent progress, i pushed the girls hard, challenged them mentally and physically, i wanted them to become stronger, and alot more competetive, we worked on our weaknesses which were penetrating the opposition and moving into dangerous areas with a more positive attitude.

We were boosted with having Riley and Sophie back with us but had a few knocks during the week thanks to Physical education at school, Gracie Clayton had to drop out during thursdays practice and im sure you all join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.

The u12 Danger played today, and thanks to a flu bug and some other issues had 6 players missing, this gave me the opportunity to bring Giovanna and Sophie along, Gio had the opportunity to play with family (Katie Owen) , which i think is a great experience while also having her learn even more about her leadership role within our club, which i think she definatley did. Sophie needed minutes after her injury for us to have her at her optimum best. While both girls managed at least half a game in both games they both put in outstanding performances playing against girls 2 years and 3 feet taller. Sophie had a few dazzling runs at the defence who seemed twice as tall she also got an assist for a goal, she looked very lively and a definate goal threat. While Giovanna was her usual tough tackling self, she managed to knock a 6 foot tall girl on the ground in a 50/50 challenge, i couldnt help but be proud of my little heroes!

this week we have pictures on tuesday our girls will be in white shrts, red shorts and white socks, the older girls will join us while we will take individual and team pictures with a big group one also! we will scrimmmage each other after that. Thursday is obviously the fish fry, i may have a double session with both teams practicing together. as i know its going to be a hectic time for everyone.

have a great weekend!

Coach Sean

Team Pictures

Team pictures will be Tuesday, April 21st. The girls should wear their red jerseys and also bring their white for the combined team picture with the U12 team.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Notes from Coach Sean (April 12)

Happy Easter Danger followers.

Hard work and effort were the key to us having a very successful weekend. Not just hard work by the players on the field, hard work by you guys getting the off field activities together, it was a real team effort and i as the coach appreciate that 100%, you guys showed great character and work ethic to help raise the necessary fund for our team to keep rolling along!

Back to the events on the field, i hope you agree that our girls did us proud getting us back on track with two very good performances, obviously there were going to have to improve on but for now we cant look further than the facts, we have a winning record and have been 'in' every game, and but for one or two things we could have won every game so far.

I think this weekend was the hardest any team of mine has ever worked for me during a game, the work ethic and passion on display from the girls was simply terrific. I want to call for more of the same though, because carrying that type of heart can go a very long way at Calvert City in a few weeks.

One aspect i was pleased with and actually mentioned to one or two of you guys was how we worked on sliding and shifting as a team, left, right, forward and back, we spent probably 30 minutes working on it in practice on thursday and for every minute of the games we carried it out perfectly, this just goes to show how hard working and receptive our players are.

Finishing second (again) wasnt bad, we deserved something, and like i told the girls after the game, were getting there! and if we continue to work like we are Calvert City is going to be great! I'm excited that we have 6 practices (weather permitting) before then to work, thats going to leave the girls hungry to play, 3 weeks without a game should hopefully have them ready to explode on whoever we play against!

Obviously you all know we sent out report cards this week! i did that so the girls knew where they stood and what they needed to get working on, maybe before practice if they have time! its all going to help us get better! Depending on how the girls feel (we will discuss at practice) we may cut 30 mins from practice time and let them go a little early, i understand they have tcap testing this week and they will be fried!!! i will leave that up to the girls!

What do you guys think? how are you enjoying it? please feel free to comment below! your feedback is great!

i hope youve enjoyed your easter and we will see you on tuesday!

Coach Sean